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About Accurate Talent Services

Accurate Talent Services is based out of Central Florida and services many accounts outside of the State of Florida.  Our team is compiled of only hospitality executives from five star rated hotels, resorts, retail and restaurant groups. We know what it was like to find and book good talent and we also know what it was like to be disappointed by a talent agency when we did not get what we were promised. We have walked in the shoes of venue owners and managers. We will take the added stress of finding the right talent away from you and allow you to just stress about running your operation.  

We take a smarter "business" approach to filling requests. We do not just take anyone onto our entertainer roster. They are interviewed and vetted thoroughly. When we send someone to your establishment or venue we know who is going in your building, they show up on time and are professional. Our talent will be accountable because they represent ATS. Many entertainers these days would like to simply get a "Participation Trophy and an Orange Slice" for just showing up. They do not want to be held accountable to make the client look good for choosing them. But that is not the case with ATS. We make sure you get the highest level of professionalism for what you're paying for.

Other talent companies we compete with are very good and offer a variety of talent no question. The difference in us is that we are not too large to lose focus on what we promise you. If we can't deliver what you are looking for we will tell you early enough so you have time to find what you need. We won't try to talk you into something or someone else in order to save the sale. That's because we want you back for future bookings.

Many other companies may offer similar services, but ATS is very selective on who we recommend. The talent will represent us and what we promise our clients.  
Don't let this happen to your entertainment budget! Our ATS team is ready to assist you.
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