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About National Recording Artists Blistur
A creative, but accurate one-sentence description of Blistur:
The love child of Pink Floyd, Tool, Metallica and Rush.
Blistur is the tattooed Mohawk Man in the three-piece suit.
November 2005 ​Blistur was formed in Jacksonville, Florida, by original members.... Drummer Neal Gupton and Lead vocalist and guitarist Chris Kellem. 

Blistur rapidly established themselves as one of the most demanded bands in North Florida, South Georgia and beyond. Performing over 220 shows per year, they quickly secured an enormous fan base in the process playing to crowds ranging from 200 - 10,000. 

After producing five CDs....In 2014 Blistur was proud and honored to be placed on the voting ballot in 2014 for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards under the category "Best Rock Performance"! The song "Make Up Your Mind" from the Fear itself CD is what was voted on.

Blistur finished in the top 300 after all votes were cast. This was a major statement about their popularity and talent. 
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What makes their music different?
Each member of the band draws from their own diverse influences. 

One member's taste runs the gamut from big band, swing, hard rock, blues, progressive and metal...

Another from Zeppelin, Steve Vai, The Eagles, Deftones, Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica... Another from Jazz.

Then composing a song there is a giant palette of colors to choose from and the best ones come naturally without thinking too much on how to fit into a modern trend. 

Rather, how to fit the lyrics into the mood of the song be it comical, dark and moody, angry, happy, inspirational. 

Music is life. Life is all these things. 

Why be tied down to one sound? 

Why be in the same mood every day? 

No one is. Let's just make a great song!

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