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“…In less than a year, Blistur developed a strong fan base that follows the group around and supports its shows…”
Tamara McClaran  
Florida Times Union
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“…other well known area guitar players show up at Blistur gigs to marvel at Chris’ bull chops…”
“…These cats are the real deal. In terms of overall originality and quality, Blistur is my number one band. And, I’ve seen them all…”

“…(Blistur’s) secret weapon is drummer Neal Gupton who never ceases to amaze me with his percussion artistry. Neal has bold, advanced chops, plays flawless fills and polyrhythms so naturally he makes it look easy…”

“…When Blistur shows up to play a gig, the club can expect fans to flock in and the party to begin. They are booked solid for months in advance…”

“…To local music biz insiders, these musicians are well known for their past projects. But, for Chris Kellam this is his dream band that speaks with one voice –Blistur– a kick butt modern rock band that can groove in any style or genre…”

“…The band’s originals are intelligently conceived catchy ditties that fit in with their cover repertoire, that is, their original songs are written as hit rock songs waiting to happen, and sound like they are already hits. That’s why the group’s originals sound like covers…”

“…They create a fun atmosphere that makes people happy to be at their gig…” 
Rick Grant 
Entertaining U Magazine
“Got the Blistur Music. Sounds awesome. Listened all the way through 3 or 4 times then immediately connected with my colleagues at MTV, VH-1, and URGE to make sure MTV Networks gets in on the ground floor as this band breaks large.”
Guitarist Chris Kellam is an awesome force. An advanced soloist as well as performing lead vocals and harmonies…”
"In the long tradition of live rock bands with killer hooks comes Blistur. They not only talk the talk, they walk the walk; live performances, great songwriting and no compromise rock sounds like a perfect fit for active and modern rock fans."

“…Blistur’s fans are as diverse as their music, ranging from teenagers to adults that need babysitters so they can get to shows…”
Chris Hensley
Hal Hassall 
Director ofConvergence 
Digital Media and Music 
MTV Networks
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