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"They create a fun atmosphere that make people happy to be at their show” When Blistur shows up to play, the bar, club or venue can expect fans to flock in and the party to begin. They are booked solid for months in advance…”
Rick Grant 
 Entertaining U Magazine
"I was on my cell phone when Blistur started their set and my friend on the line said: Are you at a Metallica concert?! Amazing how real they sound every time I see them perform!" 
Bill Simmons
Sales Manager
MB Boat Sales
Myrtle Beach, SC
"I traveled to the States to see Blistur in Daytona Beach. The first time I saw them on online, I was hooked! I had to see them in person." 
Sue O'Grady, Great Britain
"When my girlfriends & I make plans for bike week .... Each night our schedule is dictated on which location Blistur is playing" 
Lucy Beagal
Daytona Beach, Florida
A Blistur fan in New Zealand, named“Silk Sunrise” on social media, took it upon herself to create a life-size museum quality canvas painting of the whole band. She then sent it internationally to our front door. 

An unbelievable gesture of random kindness I will never forget.                    Neal Gupton
Co-Founder & Drummer

"To our loyal fans for over 10 years, we can't thank you enough for making us what we are today by coming to show after show!"  Blistur Nation ....YOU ROCK!                                        The Blistur Band Jacksonville, Florida
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"Blistur's pre-show meet & greet was so much fun. They make you feel so welcome!  I felt like I was the only one they were talking to but actually several dozen were waiting to meet them. The price of admission was well worth it to see these guys”.                                            
Donna Collins
Director of Operations 
The DC Group
Brunswick, Georgia
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